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  • 歡迎訪問國邦醫藥官方網站


    Welcome to the website of Guobang Pharma!
    Guobang Pharma has been committed to become an international enterprise, which concentrates on the human health, and devotes into the pharmaceuticals industry professionally. 
    The devotion into work and life of Guobang employees is origin from everyone’s morality. Respecting their work and loving their families and gaining a professional skill are everyone’s duties in the Guobang.
    The tenet of Guobang is "sharing the beauty of science, nature, and life". The company wants to be a platform of professions and employees’ development. To achieve this goal, Guobang focuses on building small teams and flat management modes.
    Guobang insists “support the nation by cultivating talents, flourish the state by developing the industry” as the company philosophy, and it is Guobang’s honor to make contribution to the social stability and local economic development, and advocates the industry value that the producer should serve for the limitless population all over the world.
    We share through the journey with your accompanying! Thank you for your attention and support!