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    "13th Five-Year" Development Plan Summary (Abstract)
    ShangYu Base Chapter (Year 2016-2020)


    Review of “12th Five Year”

           During "12th Five Year" period, our hard work and fighting spirit of tenacity, perseverance toward the established goal. All enterprises in base in accordance with the group planning to medicine and chemical industry as the core, adhere to the product specialization, business intensive, standardization of work, quality of internationalization, encourage diversification of the road, set up a basic development framework to the end of 2015 to achieve sales of nearly 1.5 billion Yuan, export 150 million US dollars, profits and taxes 200 million yuan; Workers' income has been greatly improved, the quality of the team has been improved, and the working system has been improved day by day; Stabilize and consolidate traditional customers, and maintain business with customers from 96 countries and regions; Has passed five countries in site qualification separately, including the US FDA, PMDA Japan; Have much in-depth experience on the environmental protection, safety industry requirements and social responsibility. GUOBANG insists on developing in progress, taking the initiative, stabilizing and consolidating traditional customers, and maintaining business contacts with 96 countries and regions. Through the hard work of "12th five Year plan", the target of "three well-known", the world well-known products, the national well-known industry, the regional well-known enterprise were basic realized.
             Looking forward to the "13th Five-Year ", we will regard "intensive, innovative, cooperative and sharing" as our enterprise development policy, will embrace create innovation, growth efficiency, upgrade these three aspects, improve the management level, improve the assessment system, seek truth and be pragmatic, hard work for the Group to make its due contribution to leapfrog development.


    Chapter 1 The goals of "13th Five-Year” development scale

    The company's development direction in Shangyu base

           Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd focuses on Quinolones and Macrolide anitiotics development direction, in accordance with the principle of intensive production, the implementation of large-scale, standardized innovation management model to improve the utilization of resources and reduce costs, to improve per capita benefits.

           Zhejiang Dongying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. focuses oncephalosporin antimicrobial raw materials as a production and research and development direction, through technical cooperation and innovation, improve product quality; expand the impact of the product, produce more than 3 fist products which have a very influential role in the industry; Based on the development of oral medicine as a priority; through their own internal potential and rely on group strength to gradually expand the scale of enterprises.

    The main goals of "13th Five-Year” development scale
           Adhere to the "establish the country through electing talent, build the state by industry thrives" business purposes and " regard striver as basis" enterprise elite culture, and implementing the "state business practices", based on the leading products of deep plowing, to achieve that enterprises have strong products, management activities, brand flourishing business. So that large-scale for large products, small varieties of product intensive, unconventional products order-oriented production. At the end of the "13th Five-Year” the enterprises in the base should achieve their business objectives as following:

    Zhejiang Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
          Production and Sales steadily increase, achieve turnover of 2.7 billion annual production and sales amount, per capita production and sales achieve to more than 200 millions, per capita profits and taxes increase to ¥400,000, include Quinolones annual sales of RMB700 millions , Macrolide antibiotics annual sales of RMB1.8 billions, other products with annual sales of RMB200 millions ;
           Regard product specialization, management standardization, production intensive, international quality as the goal to carry out management activities. Through the standardization of regular work content, strengthen the job responsibilities, define a clear work process, through the management of innovation, integration of the company's outstanding human resources, and gradually achieve the leading product quality, technology leader, leading equipment and safety and environmental protection technology leading goal;
    Regard talent training as a high strategic, improve and gradually implement the program of the struggle to share the results, reflect the talent of enterprises, the purpose of science and technology enterprises.

    Zhejiang Dongying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
            Based on the production of sterile cephalosporin drugs, focus on the development of oral cephalosporin; focus on the development of superior products, maintain production and sales steady growth, realize of 500 to 600 million yuan production and sales the end of “13th Five-Year”;
            Regard digging the potential the potential product technology and quality improvement as the main work of the starting point, take technological progress to promote efficiency, in the stability of the gradual expand the production scale; vigorously carry out international quality registration and certification of the work to steadily expand the international market.

    Zhejiang Huada Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd.
            Based on the existing leading products of Guobang Pharmaceutical, we will focus on the development of new products of quinolones and macrolides, and the appropriate development of cardiovascular drugs, anti-tumor drugs, and products fit for the treatment of aging population therapy, mainly to do research and development, supplemented by moderate production.
            Huada Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd will focus on institutional innovation, process innovation and product innovation. Combine independent research and development with cooperation in the development, at the end of period, complete5 to 8 independent research and development products, and 10 to 20 technical development level of industry-leading new products by cooperation in the development, and establish a sound R & D personnel introduction, training and use of the mechanism.

            Comprehensive all company's objectives and tasks, up to the end of "13th Five-Year" the base will achieve the goal is to ensure the completion of sales of 3 billion, and strive to rush to 3.5 billion.


    Chapter 2 Regard the enterprise development policy as a guideline, comprehensively deepen the improvement of the management regime

    Process Technology and Engineering Equipment Management
           Full use of national postdoctoral workstations, Zhejiang State Drug Research Institute, Enterprise Science and Technology Association platform, and Zhejiang University, China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang Technology University and other excellent cooperation resources, in-depth carry out material accounting and energy accounting, optimize material ratio, improve the material selectivity, utilization and environmental friendliness, around the product, and actively apply to improve the quality, reduce costs and energy saving new technologies, new equipment, in order to achieve the green process technology, the automation technology of equipment.

    1. Vigorously carry out research on unit reaction technology
    1) Strengthen the study of drug crystallization technology
           With the API customers individual requirements are constantly changing, the product particle size, bulk density, mobility and other research is urgent. In order to improve the product's first compliance rate, to deal with the timeliness and effectiveness of the market, it is necessary to increase the crystallinity of the product. The three-dimensional crystal growth kinetics of biomedical crystal was introduced, and the relevant kinetic parameters of crystal production were measured and the three-dimensional imaging was carried out. The crystal control technology of macrolide and cephalosporins was mainly studied.

    2) Study on increasing intermittent reaction to continuous reaction
             Micro-chemical technology as a new direction in the development of chemical engineering disciplines, is an important method to achieve chemical process green, safe and efficient, micro-reactor is the core of micro-chemical system. The use of the company's existing resources, focusing on a number of key technological breakthroughs, accurate control of the reaction conditions, to promote the effective combination of technology and engineering to achieve intermittent reaction to the pipeline reaction or micro-reaction conversion, to improve safety, short working hours, reduce energy consumption and rapidly screen process control points, easy to zoom and other goals.

    3) Study on various reaction technologies under ultra - low temperature
           With the company's product strategy, ultra-low temperature and anhydrous reaction conditions have become the normality of the process requirements, the study of ultra-low temperature of the various reaction mechanism, conditions and quality control methods and the use of the appropriate reactor will be very urgent.

    2. Speed up the upgrading of engineering equipment
    1) Raise the level of automation of unit production control
           With the advent of industry 4.0, automation, information control level reflects the enterprise on-site technology, operational awareness depth. "13th Five-Year Plan" period, should actively focus on energy saving, safety and environmental protection, quality control, improve labor efficiency, etc., to promote solid-liquid separation, liquid separation, material handling, precision unit reaction control system and other unit operation automation, information Construction. To achieve this goal, on the one hand to do a good job of automation, information technology equipment itself, by hiring professionals, the introduction of new equipment manufacturers or with high-level design and installation units to improve the understanding and control of new equipment capacity; On the other hand to strengthen the workshop management of the process control of various parameters of a thorough study, through the precise operation of the parameters of digital control process automation and information technology.

    2) Communicate with equipment manufacturers, the user of equipment, to establish our learning and catching up with the equipment level to enhance the level of business objects
           "To be good at work, must first sharpen his tools", introduce the most suitable, the most efficient and value embodied in the equipment as the basic principles of equipment transformation, in particular, counterparts have been used to prove the feasibility of equipment to be actively introduced. It is necessary to contact with the manufacturers of production equipment, but also need to communicate with similar equipment user; can go out to learn and communicate, there will be a certain scale, with a considerable level of equipment similar enterprises as the object of learning and communication.
           The establishment of a better equipment research, procurement, commissioning, evaluation and improved operational processes and management system.

    3) Improve the internal equipment installation, maintenance quality acceptance management practices, improve the installation of engineering equipment, maintenance level
             Establish internal engineering installation standards, so that the installation are rules to follow, according to dependencies, to ensure the unity of the installation; choose a professional equipment installation and maintenance team to strengthen the construction quality management; implement engineering acceptance assessment system.

    4) Increase the workshop grass-roots equipment research management staff to improve the level of equipment management
         Recruitment and the introduction of various types of engineering and technology research and management personnel, to enrich the workshop grass-roots management team; to increase the project transformation process and engineering technology research efforts, through the project transformation process to broaden the knowledge of the workshop manager, to change the situation of the technology do not care about equipment, and the equipment do not understand the technology; To do a good job that the project carefully prepared before the implementation, the implementation of the process is fine controlled, have a serious summary after the implementation, on the basis of high standards and high requirements, the implementation of the project to achieve safety, quality, energy saving in all aspects of progress at the same time.

     Conventional management and innovation management
    1. Regulate the regular management, so that the system processize, the process modularization
           Regular management is the daily management of enterprises, is the most basic management of enterprises, to make managers from the complex daily affairs freed, improve work efficiency, to the management systematism, the system processize, the process modularization. Modular management system to facilitate training, heritage, is conducive to a clear job responsibilities, improve work efficiency. Regulate management should strengthen the following:
    1) Adhere to the management of modular, so that each management system has a process, have formed a module, and compiled into a book.
    2) Adhere to regular amendments, continue to regulate the regular management system, and constantly simplify the module.
    3) Strengthen the rigor of the introduction of the system, improve the seriousness of the implementation of the system.

    2. Strengthen budget and actual budget management, effectively control costs
             To clarify the changes in the department and the project settings, to clarify the details of the categories of costs, to implement the cost of the audit process in the OA system; do each charge centralized management and supervision departments; each cost to form closed-loop management; Cost statistics do not leak items, do not repeat; each cost to set the number by type, the expenditure by number.

    3. Strengthen innovation management, improve the innovation management platform
    1) Improve the gold charity selection system, establish and improve the full innovation management platform;
    2) Establish the collect wisdom to overcome difficulties management platform, centralize deployment of resources to solve the operation of the technical and management problems;
    3) To improve the level of office automation and management information, improve work efficiency;
    4) To promote the management review work;
    5) Standardize the safety, environmental protection, quality and other permits to document the internal approval process, so that the three unified information.

    4. Establish a sound assessment management system to enhance the overall assessment effect
           To solve the assessment of the standards, priorities, assessment methods and other issues, and gradually establish an appropriate quantitative, relatively uniform and reasonable assessment management system, to facilitate the assessment of the performance of various departments and exchanges.
         The assessment of the individual, the assessment program should be based on the exchange of assessment, the advantages and disadvantages of the program, from improving personal values, ability and spirit of cooperation as the starting point, optimize the assessment program.
           The evaluation of the team, involving a lot of individual evaluation, to form a set of individual evaluation based on the comprehensive evaluation program, and according to the actual situation, the influence of various management factors to adjust the proportion of individual evaluation, so as to guide the team to complete the Work.

     Quality Control
    1. Continuous improvement and implementation of quality management system
           Active learning, continuous improvement, integrate the new requirements of the law into the quality management system, to achieve quality management system advancing with the times;
            Establish a sound quality management implementation system, to enhance the basic management of the various positions of the various departments. The quality management system, the implementation of SOP standardization and the process of standardized records will be the focus of supervision and management content, front-line staff will focus on implementation; regional director and department heads and QA will focus on supervision and rectification. All production quality management activities must regard SOP as the basis, and regulate the truthful record, the smallest unit of each production quality management activities should be refined, standardized, and fully guarantee the quality management system to be effective operation.
            To carry out full continuous training, and assessment.
           "13th Five-Year Plan" period to ensure that the adoption of the German EUGMP, Brazil ANVISA, Japan PMDA, the US FDA and the domestic GMP re-certification through the smooth, ready to do EDQM certification check preparation. Apply for GMP certification of other foreign official or organization and ensure a one-time adoption.

    2. Continuous research and improvement of product quality
           The substance, crystal form and grain size of the raw material medicine product are the focus of the customer's attention, and also the main quality index which the customer puts forward the quality difference request. Quality departments and the production sector should work together to further clarify the product under the detection of substances and potential impurities in the structure, a clear source of impurities and the resulting mechanism, so that according to the size of impurities to determine the process of implementation of the deviation, so that the process and quality are under controlled. Strengthen the technical reserve, when the customer's products related to substances under the impurities have more special requirements, there is sufficient capacity to ensure that production control, reflecting a higher level of professional and technical. The crystallinity and particle size of the product are closely related to the matching process of the customer preparation process. The customer's request for this period is increasing year by year. It is also one of the difficult and continuous research and improvement contents of the crystallization process control.
             Actively participate in the revision of the Pharmacopoeia Standard, strengthen the close relationship with the Pharmacopoeia Standards Amendment Unit, take the initiative to undertake the relevant research work and propose amendments to reflect the professionalism.

    Safety management
    1. Safety production rules and regulations system construction
           Continue to strengthen the safety production responsibility system, in accordance with the "one position two responsibility" principle, clear responsibilities of cadre at all levels in safety management. The safety of production will be as an important measure of cadres at all levels, and implement one vote veto system.
           The production safety will be added into the workshop, the department of production and management development planning, co-ordinate the steady development of the safe production and production operation.
         Create and implement HSE management system and combine with the implemented safety of standardized management system, implement the standardized safe production and institutionalized management.
           Improve the accident hidden trouble as the main line, the insecure state of people and things as the focus of the accident prevention mechanism.
          Establish and improve the system of accountability of accidents, increase the management of security incidents and responsible persons to punish education, reduce the probability of frequent accidents.
           Introduce HAZOP safety evaluation method. To establish their own expert team, to eliminate, reduce the occurrence of accidents, reduce the damage caused by the disaster and the cause of the accident analysis and so play a positive and important role, greatly improve the factory production safety and reliability.

    2. Safety Technology Support System construction
           Increase the supervision on safety production investment, increase the security technology in investment, the annual arrangements for equipment out and improve and safety control system construction will be not less than 50 million yuan of funds;
           The full implementation of post safety risk assessment and risk control measures;
           Strengthen safety and technical exchanges and cooperation with safety technology research institutes, and constantly explore new ideas, new methods and new technologies of safety management;
         Complete each of the varieties, each step of the process of regular process evaluation, operational assessment, built a complete experimental verification work.

    3. Security information system construction
           Establishment of the company safety production supervision network, update the safety concept of space and time, extend the management of tentacles, mobilize the cadres and staff group policy group investigation;
           To build a real-time monitoring network of production safety, timely elimination of insecurity;
           Automate operational control of key processes.

    4. Safety training system construction
          To further strengthen the functions of the security three-level education network, to build a vertical and horizontal training and education network, and to carry out cross-training linkage mechanism;
           Continue to carry out special equipment, hazardous chemicals and other qualifications of the legitimacy of training;
           Continue to vigorously create a full corporate safety culture, universal production safety knowledge, in the company to form a love of life, enjoy a safe cultural atmosphere;
           Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant institutions, carry out the basic safety of employees and vocational skills training, and improve the overall level of staff skills.

    Environmental management
    1. Overall objective
           Adhere to the green development road of clean production, recycling economy, focus on implementing energy saving, reducing the total amount of pollutants from the source. During "13th five year" period, the annual total reduction of organic solvents should not less than 10%; continue to study the "three wastes" end governance technology to maintain a stable discharge standards; Establish and improve the management system to ensure that the "must be resolved" problems will be solved, and encourage all the improvement measures to improve the company's environment continually, take social responsibility on the environmental protection.

    2. Safety precautions
    1) Implementation of environmental protection measures for new projects
            The new project process should be low energy consumption, low pollution green technology, raw materials as far as possible use the non-toxic, insensitive and safe material;
            The design of the new project should be in accordance with the "Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone Chemical Industry Construction Standardization Implementation Rules" requirements, adopt advanced design concepts in the industry, and introduce more environmentally friendly production equipment;
          New projects should be strictly in accordance with the principle of environmental protection "three simultaneous", in the design stage, the project environmental protection measures should be rigorously reviewed, meet the requirements before they can be included in the overall design;
          Establish and improve the design of the new project evaluation system, standardize the construction management and environmental protection facilities completion acceptance system, so that the new project in line with the latest environmental requirements.

    2) Continue to optimize the existing production process, and continuously improve the level of production equipment
           Optimize the existing technology, replace the sensitive materials, improve the level of raw materials and reduce the use of technical measures, save energy from the source to achieve the goal of cleaner production;
           Research and development of solid feed, solid-liquid separation and other easy to produce non-tissue waste gas equipment; introduce more environmentally friendly solid feed, solid-liquid separation device; solve the production process of non-organized waste problems from the source; achieve "pipeline, automation and information" in the equipment and engineering technology.

    3) Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of waste technology research, waste of resources
           Through the material balance for detailed accounting and analysis for the material, analyze the details of the waste generated, and determine the value of comprehensive utilization. According to the accounting and analysis of information, research various waste of comprehensive utilization of technology and equipment, and implement;
           The use of resin, activated carbon adsorption technology to recycle organic solvent; through distillation, membrane technology to recycle high concentrations of waste water; through the purification technology to resource the materials which have the economic value from solid waste;
           Through the improvement of the production process by-product related to the policy, thoroughly open up the road to waste recycling.

    4) Optimize management resources, play a "Fujian Environmental Protection" centralized management advantages
           During "13th five year" period, Shaoxing Fujian environmental protection will optimize the preparation of treatment of three wastes in Shangyu base and environmental management resources, form a set of effective management model;
           Clear Fujian environmental protection company's charter, build up the authorized management content of Fujian environmental protection company and other three companies in Shangyu base, improve the responsibility of Fu Jian environmental protection company;
           Increase the environmental management and environmental protection technology research efforts of Fujian to expand the external environmental technology exchanges, in the basis of the protection of environmental management in place, further improve the company's environmental technology level.


    Chapter 3 Strengthen personnel training to achieve sustainable leapfrog development

    Overall objects
           Adhering to the employment policy of company "make the best use of their talents", explore and establish suitable talent introduction, training, evaluation, selection and incentive mechanism for the company. Adhere to the struggle-oriented, and strive to build both ability and political management personnel, high-quality professional and technical personnel and high level of skilled operators these three types of personnel, provide a strong talent protection to achieve the company's "13th Five Year" planning objectives.

    The basic principle
    1. Adhere to the principle of building personnel to serve the development strategy of the company
         The number of talent growth, quality improvement and structural optimization should serve the company's development strategy and scale, match with the company's overall planning, stage objectives, adapt to market demand-oriented, strict control of the total quantity, improve the quality of personnel.

    2. Adhere to the principle of combining emphasis and overall optimization
           Focus on creating three types of personnel, while the ability of talent as the center, and strive to optimize the structure of personnel, improve the overall strength of the talent team.

    3. Adhere to the principle of the main self-cultivation, supplemented by the introduction of talent
           In the talent development and training work, based on the existing personnel training and use, through the development of a series of training measures to accelerate the growth of talent. At the same time actively do introducing work for the urgent high-level talent.

    Safety precautions
    1. Improve the attention on the importance of talent work from the strategy attitude
          The growth of talent and the development of enterprises promote each other, the company expect sustainable development, they must continue to cultivate and introduce talent, must unswervingly take the road of talent and strong enterprises. From the strategic perspective to understand the importance of the work of talent, ideas to be more open, eyes to be more ambitious, the work of talent regarded as an important task. From the group level to strengthen the organization of talent leadership to make sure that the base of the company, the departments have a clear measure or system of care for talent, take advantage of talent, training of personnel. Party work must be concerned about the talent, love work closely together to form a workforce responsibility system, to create a conducive to talent growth progressive environment and culture.

    2. Improve the talent management system
    1) Establish talent evaluation and selection mechanism
    i) The talent quality requirements
           The quality of talent is reflected in the grassroots level they have the widely recognized skills, in the middle they have excellent departmental performance and marginal management collaboration ability, in the high-level they have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, can unite all people can be united, the enterprise's interests above all else, good at listening to different opinions, honesty and self-discipline, good at learning and self-assessment to enhance, with prestige and management ability.

    ii) Talent evaluation
           Establish and improve the talent evaluation system, regularly organize department management review and talent evaluation. Regarding "create innovation, growth efficiency, upgrade and upgrade" three aspects as the main line, in the way of the quantity of the work, quality of work, work efficiency, work attitude and other aspects to evaluate departments and individuals, affirm results, sum up experience, point out that the lack of improvement goals, and establish talent growth files. The evaluation result is not only the basis of the promotion of cadres, but also the important content of the training of the company cadres.

    iii) Talent selection
           Gradually form a talent selection mechanism and competition mechanism, so that employees have ability can be promoted to the appropriate leadership positions, to achieve that people meet their duties, positions suitable for people, people do their best on this position.
           According to the company's business objectives and career requirements, through the cadres at all levels, all levels of personnel assessment and evaluation, gradually establish the system which can be the implemented to high level and low level of cadres.

    2) Optimize talent incentive mechanism
    i) Improve the basic salary system
           Gradually improve the compensation system, according to industry and geographical characteristics, timely adjust to ensure that workers income is always in a moderate lead in the region. In a certain range, the post with fixed salary, according to the different positions to determine the basic salary of the position can be considered.
           Implement performance appraisal, optimize the job settings, refine the job specifications, fully reflect the performance, job responsibilities, technical level, education and other factors, quantify assessment management, and prepare job descriptions for each position. Through the establishment of project awards, improve the technical staff assessment mechanism, improve the index assessment system, and organize job value evaluation to develop scientific and rational performance appraisal program. In the remuneration and treatment unswervingly tilt to the outstanding staff, excellent team. Continuously improve the efficiency of staff to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises to protect the income of employees. At the end of "13th Five Year", achieve the staff income increase 50% on the basis of the "12th Five Year".

    ii) Basic welfare system and special reward system
           The welfare of employees should be combined with the level of development of enterprises. It is necessary to highlight the superiority of collective welfare, clarify the welfare of cadres and technical backbone, and implement it in a way that distinguishes between enjoyment and consumptive welfare and growth welfare.
           With the intensive, large-scale management development, group purchase, group study, group tour and thus to the corner of society to penetrate more unparalleled superiority and added value. Party and government should focus on the specific embodiment of value, play value and save the value of access to these values at the same time to meet and adapt to the community a variety of quality of life fashion. That is the job satisfaction innovation, consumer innovation and quality of life innovation.
           The distribution of bonuses is linked to the performance of departments and individuals and is based on the corresponding profitability, more work more reward. Special contributors, senior managers and senior professionals can be differential treated based on differences in contributions, fully embody the striver oriented.

    iii) Timely and appropriate equity incentive
           The company will move from the core holdings to the elite holding, until the full holdings. Equity is a sustainable return to the core and middle levels and a requirement and control of the company's contribution to sustainable contributions. It encourages model employees to form a destiny community with companies and invests personal surplus capital into tangible self-working objects.
           The company is committed to cultivate the core leadership, with efficiency and efficiency as the basis of equity incentive. In Guobang state business principles, progressively implement the inward virtual equity and real investment equity.

    3) Innovative talent training mechanism
    i) Establish the systematic thorough staff training system
           The establishment of training is also the investment management concept, so that the value of human resources can be accumulated and achieved through training and job experience; the establishment of a new era of staff awareness and industry requirements to adapt to the training system and methods, to create the market competition requirements of the backbone of the workforce.

    ii) Cultivate academic leaders and top-notch talent
           Regarding cultivate academic leaders as the center, to set up different disciplines academic echelon, to encourage employees to self-improvement, self-improvement and growth, and combine with a planned selection of young and middle-aged academic backbone, train a number of disciplined advantages of sophisticated professionals. At the same time, take advantage of academic experts station, post-doctoral research station, the Guobang Enterprise Research Institute and other platforms to introduce and exchange of high-level personnel, the company's team of experts, during the "13th Five Year" period try to have 5-10 people to be top-notch talent in their respective areas, lead the company's development in the field, and have a certain right to speak in the region or industry, and match with the company's scale and status.

    iii) Based on the job that position skills training and vocational skills identification and the exchange of talent
           Regularly hold various forms of high-skilled talent theme activities, create conditions for carrying out technical exchanges l, trick and skills shows for high-skilled personne, make sure that the professional and technical personnel can learn skills from each other, improve together to form technical efforts and create good academic atmosphere. Through the various forms of "post training, job training, and technical competition" and other activities, find and select high-skilled personnel to promote staff in the post practice talent.

    4) Increase the intensity of talent introduction
    i) Improve the talent structure
           During the "13th five Year" period, the Company will gradually adjust and optimize the structure of talents according to the speed of development. The introduction of talents is not limited to diploma, title, should focus on talent work experience and ability to gradually optimize the talent ladder to meet the development needs of the company. The introduction of outstanding college graduates is more than 50 people per year, at the same time introduce master's degree, doctoral students and a senior title have rich work experience or expertise of senior personnel according to the need.
           In order to adapt to the new era of enterprises under the comprehensive and healthy development, the introduction of graduates and a variety of talent is not limited to chemical, pharmaceutical related professional.

    ii) Focus on the quality of talent introduction
           Focus on the development potential of talent, pay attention to professional ethics. Senior personnel focus on the degree of matching with the enterprise, undergraduate students focus on personal knowledge and learning ability, and college students concerned about practical ability.

    iii) Expand the introduction of channels
           Continuously adhere to the principle of self-cultivation, choose to supplement the principle of supplement, and gradually increase the choice of social institutions for the proportion of specialized personnel, expand the talent selection, and shorten the talent growth time.
           The introduction way in addition to enrollment, recruitment, you can also recommend the introduction of the examination, recruitment, headhunting company recommended and a variety of ways.

    5) Create a talent growth environment
          Thake advantage of "Guobang Communications", "Endeavor", the company's Web site, publicity videos, promotional columns and other media, widely publicized all kinds of talents, especially the typical talent and talented people to build advanced experience to form a good atmosphere of respect for talent.
           Adhere to the spirit of reward and material incentives combined with the principle of giving full play to economic interests and social honor dual incentive role for the development of the company to make outstanding contributions to the outstanding talent to commend and reward.
          Strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, and create a talent growth environment. Actively promote the corporate culture with the characteristics of the times and the characteristics of the enterprise, integrate the long-term practice of the formation of the spirit of enterprise, business philosophy, values, professional ethics as the common ideals and behavior of corporate employees to achieve corporate culture and corporate development strategy of harmony , achieve enterprise development and personal development goals of the staff of the harmonious unity; Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of all kinds of talent, especially for the professional ethics of education and education of enterprises loyalty.

    6) Strengthen the construction of human resources management department
            Improve and clarify the responsibilities of human resources management department, expand the existing scope of duties, should lead the construction and improvement of the talent management system, and regularly do a summary and analysis on the construction the company's talent management system.
           Human resource management is not only the work of the human resources department, but also the responsibility of all the managers and all employees. The managers of all departments have the responsibility to evaluate subordinates with truth attitude to help subordinates grow, but also an important part of the evaluation of managers.