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    Guobang Life-Tech Industry Park
    In May 2019, Guobang Life-Tech Industry Park started construction in the National Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhejiang Province. Depending on the industrial base of Zhejiang Guobang, Guobang Life Tech Industry Park can improve the structure of the industry, wide the border of the industry, and increase the power of the industry development. Finally, it can achieve the high-quality development of the company. The total investment costs 5.02 billion yuan.
      R&D centre, Quality centre, academical communication and training centre, pharm business and industry exhibitor, products integrated storage, and workshops will be built in the park. At the same time, the research centre and the workshop of the health products, including FSMP and molecule foods, and the workshop of cephalosporin formulations will also be built. These new projects can achieve the development of the whole system, which contains research, API productions and formulations, and selling. It will be the new research, business, communication, and training base of Guobang Pharma. 

    Guobang Health Industry park
    In June 2019, Guobang Pharma started the investment of a new project with (..). The total investment costs 4 billion yuan. A health industry system, including high-value medication intermediates related to the APIs, veterinary, and high-value formulations for animals, will be built after the whole project finishes.
    Guobang Health Industry Park depends on the Guobang Pharma’s advantages on the API industry, advantages on the good brands and good quality, and the advantages of the strong research abilities. The industry park tends to strengthen the advantage of API industry, to start great-formulation strategy, to speed the formulation export progress up, to lead the formulation globalization. At the same time, the industry park helps to build a more accomplished international industry structure, which includes large-quantity APIs, special APIs, effective APIs, and formulations. It also helps to speed the progress of the new products research and lead technologies to develop. Furthermore, it could help the company start capital and asset management more actively, which lead the company to a new level.